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The ability to differentiate yourself in the crowded consumer oriented legal and financial services market is getting tougher than ever.

You have a unique marketing challenge.  Attorneys can’t stimulate demand – you’re needed only when you’re needed.  Financial services professionals need an efficient outreach strategy.  Your competition is just as capable and credentialed as you are.

What is the Dynamic Biography?


The Dynamic Biography is a marketing system tailored to the unique needs of the solo and small law firm, financial adviser, or other professional services practices .

It combines a powerful online multimedia presentation, a proven four step revenue generating social media strategy, and comprehensive training in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques for rainmakers.

The presentation showcases your personality and personal story.  The social media part expands your contact base and keeps you top of mind when the prospect’s need arises.  The NLP training focuses on the soft skills of building and running profitable practice.

You convert prospects to clients.  You practice more effectively.

Is your messaging in alignment with your ideal client?  Learn more here.

Simplified is Show, Grow, and Know

The prospect is flooded with an unprecedented amount of information… and tuning out the old media methods.  The millennial age group, your future client, is hitting their peak earning years and demand a personal relationship before engaging you.

This is an irreversible trend.

You need a dynamic digital footprint and the SHOW replicates that 5 minute drop by meeting to introduce yourself… the one you used to get before there were technical barriers like voice mail and email between you and the prospective client.

Rainmaking starts with picking the highly engaged target – someone with the profile of your ideal client.   A big list of lukewarm suspects isn’t enough.

Visual storytelling tailored to a custom audience defined by you, is exposed to your message.

A website isn’t enough.

If they find you at all, the viewer is usually overwhelmed with information and leaves.

GROW means capturing that custom audience in social media first, then engaging them.

Someone in need of help comes to you, for the most part, when something has gone wrong.  They are in trouble or heading for it — and you could be their solution.  This is the moment of opportunity.

You know the law.  What you may not be so confident of is just how you turn the conversation into a client.

We KNOW the keys to effective communication – the non-verbal skills as well as persuasive language you need to be a better rainmaker and practitioner.

We call this the better outcome.

It is better for your client, your firm, and for you.


You’re in a relationship business, not just a practice.

The prospect wants and needs to know about you on a more personal level.  The tired biographical summary and thumbnail photo doesn’t cut it anymore.

You have to come alive today to engage clients.

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Why Should It Be Dynamic?

It is because visitors to your website spend the majority of their time there, six times more than your practice area and the landing page is simply a starting point to get to the biographical information, so the percentage is actually higher.

They do this because they’re more interested in the person guiding them through the most challenging aspect of their lives.

You’re successful.  Your track record is already established.

Competency is a given in the mind of the person engaging you.

The client is looking for a comfort level.

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Charles Welnack has a diverse background in operations and technology based companies.

His career has principally been in the communications and professional services segments.  He’s a thought leader in marketing and persuasion for professional services verticals and independent consultants.

Ty Johnson is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of selling technology products and services to small businesses.

As a former corporate executive, he was responsible for managing the delivery of online marketing and internet services that accelerated growth for small business owners.

George Gillas is a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with extensive experience in sales management and sales training.

In his private practice, he has coached top performers in various industries including consumer products, professional services, and real estate. George is a Kolbe Certified Consultant.

Steve Kellogg is a professional services marketer and value creator specializing in content and copywriting, and persuasion.

A published author and speaker with multiple industry experience, he is an advocate for professional development, coaching executives to establish their own consulting practice.


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